Sembuwatte Lake

Elkaduwa Estate - Matale
Sembuwatta, a paradise,  located in the hill country. It is set amongst the sprawling tea gardens, and reflects the environment at its most magnificent. Towering from the lake are the beautiful green mountains with a thick pines forest where you can take time to climb up. Beside the lake, there is a pool with natural spring water, there are summer huts and cottages around this magnificent lake …
The mass expanse of deep blue waters, complete with misty mountains and tea gardens, create an atmospheric scene and the perfect place to lose yourself in your own thoughts and envision the remarkable things you’ve seen on your travels through Sri Lanka. This is a popular location for weddings, pre-shoots, films, teledramas, get-togethers etc. Sembuwatte lake is located in an elevation of 1084m above sea level.
There are several leisure activities you can enjoy with your loved ones.