Hapugaspitiya Estate

Hapugaspitiya Estate

Hapugaspitiya Estate is located in Metihakke, Matale. Main Crop in Hapugaspitiya Estate is Rubber. Rubber trees are planted in large numbers in this estate and are grown for their latex, which is the main source of natural rubber. Hapugaspitiya estate known to provide livelihoods for many people in the area. The bordering “Sudu gaga” river makes good serenity for the estate environment. Hapugaspitiya estate has over 269.33 hectares. The estate located in an elevation of 348 meters above sea level.



K.R.S Darmasena

Srinath Kumarasinghe
Asst. Superintendent
T. K. G. M. Kumari
Administrative Officer
A. K. M. A. G. D. B. Atapattu
Field Officer
A. M. P. C. Alahakoon
Assistant Field Officer